Mari Kasich, owner of miami beach GYROTONIC®, is a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Master Trainer. She has been teaching both methods since 2004. Mari danced ballet and many other forms of dance since she was six. she played sports throughout highschool and completed a BFA in dance at the University on MN. She endured sports related injuries and suffered from chronic pain throughout these years. She discovered the Gyrotonic method the year of her University graduation. In just one private Gyrotonic session Mari recognized the power and healing potential of the  Gyrotonic method and she new immediately that she wanted to teach this technique.

Mari was drawn to the adaptability and creativity of the Gyrotonic system and while everyone else was pursing pilates or Yoga, Mari fell in love with, studied, trained and mastered The The Gyrotonic Expansion System.

Since her first session, Mari has trained with numerous Master Trainers from around the world, she has trained directly with the inventor if the method, Juliu Horvath for most of this time and she spent 11 years operating the most renowned studio in Miami Beach, Miami Beach GYROTONIC where trainers visited from around the world to complete the final certification and where Juliu Horvath would conduct his continuing education for Master Trainers.

As a Master Trainer Mari has traveled to teach Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis educational courses as well as regularly offering courses locally at her studio.

Mari is a Master Trainer of all the specialized courses and equipment.

To Schedule, Please Email: or Call/text 309.397.8070