We Offer GYROTONIC & GYROKINESIS Private & Semi-Private Sessions. Each Session Is Structured To Meet Your Personal Needs. 


Private Session $120.00 (55 mins)

Package of 4 $460.00 *For one Regularly scheduled appointment per week

Package of 8 $880 *For two or more Regularly scheduled appointments Per week

Packages are for standing weekly appointments. All Packages expire in 5 weeks.

all appointments have a 24 hour Cancellation Policy.

To Make An Appointment Call/Text: 305.397.8070 

The GYROTONIC method is a safe and effective method of exercise for anyone regardless of age or physical ability. The Gyrotonic method is a holistic approach to exercise that emphasizes strength and Mobility without compression. Breath + Fluid motions stimulate circulation, massage the fascia and promote detoxification. Special attention is given to mobility and stability of the spine and joints resulting in a healthier body that is less prone to injury.

Practicing the Gyrotonic method is a remarkable benefit to those who are experiencing physical challenges and Pain due to Bad habbits, Sitting too much, Sports, injuries, Stiffness, the aging process or diseases like MS, Arthritis, Frozen Shoulder, Scoliosis or Osteoporosis to name a few.  

The Gyrotonic method is very popular among competitive athletes like golfers, tennis players and basketball players. Athletes find that the regenerative aspect of the Gyrotonic method helps to reduce injury and keep them as strong as possible, agile and energetic for their physically demanding careers.

Benefits Include:

-Increased Joint Mobility and Stability

-Increased Strength and Flexibility

-Increased Functional Movement for daily activities and sports

-Improved Posture

-Increased Coordination

-Improved Bone Density

-Reduced Chronic Pain and Stiffness

-Lymphatic Drainage Support (via deep breathing, stretching and massage like movements)

-Increased Vagal Nerve Tone (via nose breathing and spinal exerci20